The Shop Mindful Love List Gift Guide 2022

November 15, 2022

Welcome to my 2022 Shop Mindful Love List Gift Guide!

For years, my clients, friends, family, and strangers have frequently asked me: where did you get that? So, each year I pile up and KonMari® my favorite things into one list of joy.

This list was made with love by a Master KonMari® Consultant/Recovering Mindless Shopper/Master Gift Whisperer.

This year’s theme: Shop My Home!

In 2020, as an act of radical self-care, I explored the past 10 years of my Amazon order history. 721 items shopped. 337 still spark joy. 

This year, I’m sharing these items, which fall across 15 categories (Books, Home Goods, Organizing Tools, Pet, etc.). I’ve hand selected 15 items that not only spark premium joy, but also make unforgettable gifts this holiday season.

BONUS: In addition to things I love in my home, I also added items that I’ve most frequently recommended to my clients over that past five years.

Not sure how to shop mindful?

Check out my TEDxTalk where I explore what my shopping behaviors say about me and the three questions I ask myself before I click “Place Your Order.”

Read Before You Shop…

I’ve purchased, tested, and adored 99% of the items on this list. They are favorite things I use on a regular if not daily. The remaining items I’ve either recommend to clients or gifted to friends and family.

That being said, what sparks joy for some, may not spark joy for others! Take your time and explore each recommendation carefully to make the best decision based on the information and resources you have available at this time.

This post contains affiliate links associated with my Amazon Storefront, meaning I may get a commission or incentive if you decide to make a purchase through my links at no cost to you. #winwin !



The Tidy Home Joy Journal

Perfect for anyone on your solo-tidying journey looking for a tidying companion to help you get unstuck.

Why I LOVE it:

I’m the author! 🥳

I developed #thetidyhomejoyjournal to help those who were having trouble organizing the action steps required to complete their KonMari tidying event, once and for all!

It’s crazy to think a clumsy GoogleDoc I only shared privately with my clients turned into an Amazon best seller, sold and reviewed across hundreds of homes all around the world.

The Joy Journal focuses on critical tidying steps:

and is packed with references that extend your tidying experience.

Home Goods

LEVOIT Humidifier (6L)

Perfect for plant parents in need of a good mister.

Why I LOVE it:

  • Turns on/off automatically as it senses humidity needs
  • App pings you when it needs to be refilled
  • Easy to clean

Organizing Tools

NiiMbot Label Maker (tape Included)

Perfect for your minimalist basic labeling needs (see my KonMari® Survival Kit for more tidy tools).

Why I LOVE it:

  • Sleek design that’s easy to carry
  • Design and quickly print from phone

Cleaning Tools

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX

Perfect for anyone who hates the vacuuming adulting task.

Why I LOVE it:

  • Go-to practical gift for busy families and pet parents

Office & Tech

Umbra Trigon Wall Mounted Bulletin Board

Perfect for anyone who is into vision boards or who wants to add style to their office.

Why I LOVE it:

  • Featured in Studio Tidy
  • Doesn’t look office-y when clear or in use
  • Can be used with magnets or pins


Eurolux Electric Citrus Juicer Squeezer

Perfect for anyone who loves juice, but hates the squeeze.

Why I LOVE it:

  • Fresh juice quickly!
  • No more hand cramps from all that manual squeezing
  • Super easy to clean


ETECHMART Folding Bamboo Step Stool for Shower

Perfect for adding a spa like feel to your bathroom.

Why I LOVE it:

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to sit on inside or out of the tub
  • Spa-like aesthetic on a budget

Hair & Beauty

Saltair Body Wash (Santal Bloom)

Perfect universal gift for anyone who likes to smell good.

Why I LOVE it:

  • The refreshing rich scent and lather makes you feel like you’re on vacation every day
  • GREAT value for the price. Feels, looks, and smells like a luxury product (for a third of the $)
  • Pairs well with this viral cleansing cloth
  • Use as the second half of your double cleansing routine for a refreshing finish
  • Other favorite scents by this brand: Lush Greens and Island Orchid

Health & Fitness

Neck and Shoulder Stretcher and Relaxer for Neck Pain Relief

Perfect for anyone experiencing chronic neck or shoulder pain (consult a medical professional or healthcare provider as you introduce this device into your physical therapy).

Why I LOVE it:

  • Instant relief
  • Habit stacks well with existing meditation or stretching practices


Kurgo Dog Booster Seats for Cars

Perfect for anyone who finds themselves in cars with small dogs.

Why I LOVE it:

  • Makes a great gift for new/old pet parents
  • Folds away easily for storage
  • Fabric insert makes it easy to clean


Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

Perfect for multitasking parents who want to keep their newborns close while being hands-free.

Why I LOVE it:

  • Go-to practical baby shower gift for new parents

Travel & Outdoor

deweisn Lighted Folding Travel Makeup Mirror

Perfect travel companion.

Why I LOVE it:

  • Sleek design while remaining sturdy
  • Various lighting options (color and intensity)
  • Easy to clean

Hobby & Craft

15-in. Round Faux Stone Resin Planter

Perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to pay $200+ for a large planter

Why I LOVE it:

  • Lightweight (faux stone finish)
  • Pairs great with this plant stand
  • Scratches are easily fixed with a gray pencil


High Waisted Wide Leg Black Faux Leather Shorts

Perfect for fashionista on a budget.

Why I LOVE it:

  • Highly recommend the “Emerald Green” color option
  • Pairs great with tights and boots for the fall
  • Quality faux leather that doesn’t squeak

Vegan Finds

Cooking from the Spirit: Easy, Delicious, and Joyful Plant-Based Inspirations by Tabitha Brown

Perfect for those exploring or curious about a plant-based lifestyle.

Why I LOVE it:

  • I prefer my recipes analog
  • Tabitha’s recipes aren’t over complicated and don’t require an unreasonable number of ingredients

BONUS: Will Use Daily Stocking Stuffers

Start stuffing! >>

Shop Mindful Reminder

Don’t forget to ask yourself three questions as you #shopmindful before you click “Place Your Order”:

  • Do I need it?
  • Can I afford it?
  • Will it fit into my beautiful home and life?

Which of my recommendations sparked the most joy? Let me know below:

  1. Marsha Lee says:

    I bought the body wash. It comes in an attractive container. The scent is ok, but it is not moisturizing.

    • Kristyn Ivey says:

      Thanks for shopping! Please note that if the item you purchased doesn’t 100% spark joy, you can return it for a full refund via Amazon. I use Saltair as a finishing second cleanser after my bar soap. I apply the Saltair body wash using an African Exfoliating Net. I follow it up with layers of 2-3 moisturizers: advanced therapy creams, body oil/tinctures and body butter. Thanks again!

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