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Kristyn is America's only black certified KonMari® Master Consultant.
For the Love of Tidy is a Black- and woman-owned business.

KonMari® Master Consultant Kristyn Ivey creates unforgettable events for groups of all sizes.

Featured on stages and virtually by:

"Kristyn is organized in both her presence and her administration of event details. She seamlessly provides every element required to customize an experience your group will never forget!"

"A dream to work with!"

"Kristyn is obsessed with getting people to move beyond just taking in information. She wants them to take action! Speaking from personal experience, she shares stories that catalyzed her own transformation to demonstrate how choosing to lead with respect, gratitude, and joy can impact everything from your sock drawer to your relationships."


"Kristyn walks into a room with the experience, confidence, and ease of an active tidying professional. Educated in both engineering and interior design, she has a deep understanding of the practical application of the KonMari method in American homes."


"Kristyn recognizes that organizing the KonMari way can feel daunting or intimidating. But she doesn’t take herself to seriously. She gains your audience’s trust by shifting their attention to the fun and joyful benefits associated with decluttering."


"Everyone has clutter somewhere in their life. No one should suffer in silence. Each presentation is customized for your audience with highly interactive components and demonstrations to break the ice and rally everyone around a common challenge."


Clients share the top 5 reasons to book Kristyn:

Kristyn inspires audiences that it’s time to get together, get real, and take action.

Customized Experiences — to meet your unique presentation and workshop needs (Tidy Up: Self-care Summit, Home & Travel, KonMari® & Wine, Lunch & Learn, Tidy Desk Day live 1:1 virtual organizing, Explore Your Amazon Order History,  and more)

“Tidy Up: Home & Legacy” — a multi-generational clutter discussion that addresses legacy management

“Tidy Up: Home & Work” — includes themes from Marie Kondo’s book Joy at Work as they apply to office and work from home environments

“Tidy Up: Home & Life” — Kristyn’s signature talk can be adapted for your client/customer/employee appreciation or wellness event

Signature talks include:

A practical way to address anxiety-producing questions in our lives.

An unconventional and effective approach to self-care.

A qualifying educational program.

With custom events on request, Kristyn Ivey delivers just what your audience needs.

- Jennifer Spainhour,
Coffee, Clarity & Community

"Kristyn delivered a well-prepared presentation and was approachable for the group to ask honest questions. She clearly walks the talk and is a pleasure to have as a speaker. She effectively connects organization to the much higher emotional benefits that create more joy and success in life!"

- Vesryn Grey,
Arlington Heights Memorial Library

"The community LOVED it and we got so much good, kind, and excited feedback. This was the now second time hiring Kristyn! Kristyn's overall demeanor, flexibility, and passion were some of the highlights of the program; she was so engaging. "

- Mia,
The Art of 90 Days (self-care summit)

"Kristyn showed thousands of women how tidying does not have to be just another item on a never ending to-do list but something that can actually make our lives better and more fulfilling. Our event was virtual which is always a risk with speakers, backgrounds, and tech. Kristyn had a great set-up that totally added to the content of her talk, which was very appreciated! She was really good at breaking down the steps, and made a tedious task feel really doable — and even exciting!"

- Nicole,
The Mommy Break Project

"[Kristyn] reinforced the importance of being organized and intentional in your approach so you are not overwhelming yourself. Her tactics were easily understood and actionable! I highly recommend hiring her for one on one needs as well as speaker opportunities!"

- Sara,
Keller Williams

"[Kristyn] not only provided ideas on how we can provide our clients an item of value but she resonated with many of us personally. She is approachable, welcoming and has a very caring style - which is greatly appreciated when it can be a very sensitive environment." 

- Tiffany,
One Tail at a Time

"[Kristyn] was a fantastic presence, kindly giving tips. With Kristyn's help, we were able to part with over 20 bags of good-condition clothing (so many new with tag!) that will benefit the local community." 

- Marita,
Indian Hill Home and Garden Club of Wilmette

"[Kristyn] was easy to work with to arrange & set it up. She was very engaging, informative & had everyone’s attention." 

- Melissa,
Kishwaukee College

"[Kristyn] is engaging and fun. She makes the audience feel safe and supported. She uses real life examples and stories to illustrate how to everyone can improve their lives through "tidying". I would recommend Kristyn as a motivational speaker to any organization."

- Hillary,
Jewish Community Center

"I absolutely loved Kristyn’s lecture yesterday! I have watched the Marie Kondo Netflix Series featuring the KonMari method, but it was really wonderful to hear Kristyn tell her story and show pictures of her home transformations. I was inspired! Thank you Kristyn for coming to Indy!"

- Rachael,
Fremont Library

"[Kristyn] brought out an audience that ranged in age from early 20s to older seniors and had them riveted the entire time. The feedback from the audience was uniformly positive, and as a speaker I found her to be a dream to work with.”

- Saya,
Mac & Cheese Productions

"Kristyn is at the top of the "joy to collaborate with" list. Her attention to detail and her thoughtfulness made my job easier. Her knowledge and overall persona made me look like a superstar for introducing her to my network. She is the perfect blend of professional and personal. An investment in Kristyn, as a speaker or as a consultant, is an investment well worth making."

- Carla,
Lake Bluff Library

"You have found your niche! Thank you for the outstanding program on KonMari. The library patrons were very impressed with your knowledge and experience. A great presentation!"

- Meghan,
River Forest Library

"Our patrons loved the program. I just went through the evaluations and they were universally positive. 100% of people also marked down that they learned something. Thanks so much for bringing your fantastic program and expertise to our community!"

- Whitney,
I Can't: Organize My Home participant

"I learned a lot on approaching home organization and have a better understanding as to why my strategies previously didn't work. Kristyn was passionate and very knowledgeable."

- Patron,
Northbrook Library

"I learned some new ways of thinking about how to organize my ‘stuff’, but even more, you affirmed some attitudes about what I really want to surround myself with that I already use but didn’t feel confident about. So, I’m excited about that!"

- Patron,
Kishwaukee College

"[Kristyn] explained the quirks and helped us understand the culture where this was make KonMari less intimidating."

- Patron,
Fremont Library

"Vivacious presenter, pertinent topic."

- Patron,
Fremont Library

"The presenter was excellent, well-informed and engaging, she answered the audience’s questions with good humor and insight."

- Patron,
Fremont Library

"Kristyn spoke from experience, put her heart and soul into [a] wonderful presentation."

- Patron,
Elmhurst Library 

"This program was much more than I expected. It was so well presented that even the biggest hoarder felt respected!"

- Patron,
Elmhurst Library 

"Great information! Loved learning about "honoring" items being kept AND discarded."

- Patron,
St. Charles Library

"Kristyn was phenomenal! Thank you!"

- Patron,
St. Charles Library

"[Kristyn] was charming and did not make it seem overwhelming to start."

- Patron,
Glenview Library

"The speaker did a great job. I don't have to fear letting go of things."

- Patron,
Glenview Library

"Kristyn is so positive and friendly. She is comfortable with helping others find their way!"

- Patron,
Glenview Library

"Really like Kristyn. She was fun and explained the concepts very well."

- Patron,
Glenview Library

"The presenter was very entertaining and informative. Send her to my house :)"

And the crowd has spoken...

Sparking joy in:

→  A Tidy Desk Day includes 1:1 appointments with a KonMari® Master Consultant virtually or in-person

→  Gift Certificate Packages for virtual or in-home KonMari® Tidying services (applicable to those with clutter at home or the office)

→  The Tidy Home Joy Journal shipped to home offices/onsite workplace

Extend your team's tidying event with a personalized experience that turns information into immediate action.  

Corporate Gifting

"Kristyn inspires participants to redefine what 'enough' truly means."