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change your life.

For the Love of Tidy Chicago’s First
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How would your life change if your
home were clutter free?

Connect with the goals, dreams, and values that drive you.

Create space to explore your creativity and passion projects.

Spend time doing the things you enjoy with the people you love.

It’s time to dig out and choose joy

For the Love of Tidy — your KonMari Tidying Consultant — can help.

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I, , am committed to changing my life by surrounding myself only with the things that spark joy.


Create changes that last a lifetime

  • Learn to distinguish what sparks joy in your home and in your soul
  • Become a mindful shopper and spender
  • Maintain a tidy lifestyle with ease and less stress
  • Become a role model for your friends and family
  • Intentionally attract what you want in life
  • Become an extension of a home you honor
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Learn & Act.

Ready for a guided, transformative self-care experience?

For the Love of Tidy offers signature programs and consultations designed to teach you to take hold of your space. From a comprehensive 90-day KonMari experience and in-home tidying lessons to virtual check-ins and group workshops, every activity is designed to elevate the joy in your daily routine and guide you closer to your vision.

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Tidy Tales of Success

Stay Present.

Ready to hold yourself accountable to your transformation?

The Tidy Home Joy Journal + Action Pack is your tidying companion. It offers step-by-step guidance, questions, checklists, and resources to keep you present and engaged. It will help keep you on track, motivate you, and help you overcome your fear so that you don’t miss a single lesson your clutter can teach you.

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Stay Connected.

Ready to join a joyful community to support your journey?

For the Love of Tidy connects you to a community of KonMari-friendly people just like you. Coming together at various stages of conquering the clutter, our community is dedicated to creating and maintaining harmony in their homes and living their best lives.

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