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On-Air Appearances

GMA Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom (2022)

GMA Quarantine closet makeover: KonMari consultant and home stylist Kristyn Ivey shares her best tips (2020)

Windy City Live Teach Me Tuesday: Paper Clutter (2020)

Monica + Andy How to KonMari Your Nursery or Toddler’s Room (2019)

Windy City Live Val’s Closet Makeover; Marie Kondo’s Chicago Consultant Kristyn Ivey (2019)

KonMari Media, Inc. Consultant Stories | Kristyn Ivey on Respect, Gratitude and Joy | KonMari (2018)

The Jam How to Cut Down on Your Paper Clutter (2018)

State Farm Kristyn Ivey | Next Door Community Spotlight (2018)


Radio & Podcast Appearances

Spark Joy Podcast 161 episodes of practical home organizing tips to listen to while you tidy!

This is How We Create How Kristyn Ivey Tidies and Sparks Joy (2021)

Home Space and Reason Organizing: The KonMari Method (2020)

She’s Got Drive with Shirley McAlpine Marie Kondo Consultant Kristyn Ivey talks about Respect Gratitude & Joy (2020)

Plan Simple Meet Kristyn Ivey (2020)

Masters in Parenting KonMari (2019)

The Sustainable Minimalists Debunking KonMari Myths (2018)

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