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On-Air Appearances

GMA Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom (2022)

GMA Quarantine closet makeover: KonMari consultant and home stylist Kristyn Ivey shares her best tips (2020)

Windy City Live Teach Me Tuesday: Paper Clutter (2020)

Monica + Andy How to KonMari Your Nursery or Toddler’s Room (2019)

Windy City Live Val’s Closet Makeover; Marie Kondo’s Chicago Consultant Kristyn Ivey (2019)

KonMari Media, Inc. Consultant Stories | Kristyn Ivey on Respect, Gratitude and Joy | KonMari (2018)

The Jam How to Cut Down on Your Paper Clutter (2018)

State Farm Kristyn Ivey | Next Door Community Spotlight (2018)


CanvasRebel Meet Kristyn Ivey

Radio & Podcast Appearances

Spark Joy Podcast 160+ episodes of practical home organizing tips to listen to while you tidy!

This is How We Create How Kristyn Ivey Tidies and Sparks Joy (2021)

Home Space and Reason Organizing: The KonMari Method (2020)

She’s Got Drive with Shirley McAlpine Marie Kondo Consultant Kristyn Ivey talks about Respect Gratitude & Joy (2020)

Plan Simple Meet Kristyn Ivey (2020)

Masters in Parenting KonMari (2019)

The Sustainable Minimalists Debunking KonMari Myths (2018)

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