How to Create Your KonMari Survival Kit

March 23, 2022

How my KonMari Survival Kit began….One of my favorite reality shows is Naked & Afraid on the Discovery Channel. Each episode features survivalists who CHOOSE to be dropped in the middle of the wilderness, free of all clothing and belongings, with the challenge of making it to the 21 day mark without tapping out. They are allowed to bring one essential item (usually a machete or a fire starter) to help them build a shelter and find food and water.

I love this show because it’s something I would absolutely NEVER do. But, I’m fascinated by how people train and prepare to push themselves to such extremes.

The KonMari Method® is as charming as it is progressively uncomfortable. But, unlike the wilderness, it doesn’t require you to know how to hunt a wild boar or nurse frost bitten toes!

To complete your 21, 40, or 90+ day radical self-care decluttering challenge at home, keep certain tools handy so you can be ready to make the best decisions on your journey into the clutter-filled unknown.

Below, I explore EVERYTHING I keep in the KonMari® Kit that I bring with me when I tidy in homes all across Chicago. Everything in my bag is hand selected and heavily vetted, as I enter homes with a self-contained light load. I’ll break down everything from the essential to the optional so you can best prepare for your tidying adventure:

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Clothing, Carriers, and Protective Gear

Handy bag/box Contain everything in your kit in one place

Protective clothing An apron, smock, or old shirt, etc.
Comfortable and supportive shoesRothy Slippers – $20 off
Hair band or tieSlip Silk Scrunchies
MaskFor those with allergies or dust sensitivities
Nitrile gloves For heavily soiled areas, stickiness, or delicate items

Guides and Professional Assistance

KonMari® Folding GuideTake the Tidy Pledge to receive your FREE KonMari® Folding Guide!
Spark Joy Podcast Easy Listening Guide (160+ episodes to listen to while you tidy)
The Tidy Home Joy Journal + pen/pencilYour #1 tidying companion available on Amazon
ME!Invest in change, not more stuff! Instantly book a virtual or in-home KonMari® Tidying Lesson to finish up once and for all.

Cleanliness and Nourishment

Water BottleStay hydrated!
Hand wipes or lotionStay clean!
A favorite light/quick snackStay nourished!
Facial tissuesTo catch tears of sadness or joy

Decluttering Tools

Smart Phone and chargerFor before/after photos/videos, notes, measuring tape app, timer, tidy playlist, etc.
Disposable Bags or boxes To contain items to sell, recycle, donate, or discard
Tag/Label/Sticker RemoverPeel off those tags!
Post-it notes (super sticky)Temporary labels for the keep and discard categories
Slice safety cutterFor slicing out a page from a journal or magazine or opening boxes

ScissorsCut those tags!

Organizing Tools

Label makerTo add final touches
Non Glare Sheet ProtectorsGreat for Paper and Sentimental items heading into 3-ring binders

Measuring tapeMeasure twice before you buy anything!

Optional Miscellaneous Items

The items below are also in my tidy kit, but are probably not applicable for you. Listing them anyway in case you’re curious!

  • Pain reliever
  • Chapstick
  • Mints
  • Headphones
  • Outerwear and Umbrella
  • Sunglasses
  • Car charger
  • Shoe bag/carrier
  • Business cards

Happy tidying!

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  2. So fun to read and useful too! Thanks for sharing this info!

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