Shop Mindful Love List Gift Guide 2020

November 28, 2020

Welcome to my 2020 Shop Mindful Love List & Gift Guide!

(NOTE: This is an annual list. Please find the 2022 Guide here.)

After four years of my clients, friends, family, and strangers asking me where did you get that?, I finally piled up and KonMari®’d my favorite things and experiences into one list of joy.

This list was made from love by a KonMari® Consultant/Recovering Mindless Shopper/Master Gift Whisperer. A mix of culture, beauty, productivity, practicality, and fun, The Love List is HIGHLY curated through a lens of joy.

This year’s theme: Things and experiences that I mindfully purchased during quarantine that helped make 2020 a little less of a dumpster fire. 

Not sure how to shop mindful?

Check out my TEDxTalk [11 min.] where I explore what my shopping behaviors say about me and the three questions I ask myself before I click “Place Your Order.”

Things to consider:

  • This list is komono (miscellaneous) in nature, featuring things and experiences from independent artists, Black and woman owned small businesses, local Chicago favs, Etsy, Amazon, and more.
  • I’ve purchased, tested, and adored 100% of the items on this list. These are things I use on a regular if not daily basis. That being said, what sparks joy for some may not spark joy for others! Take your time and explore each recommendation and review carefully to make the best decision based on the information and resources you have available at this time.
  • This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may get a commission or incentive if you decide to make a purchase through my links at no cost to you. #winwin !


The Perfect Pair: Tidy Gift Card + The Tidy Home Joy Journal

“I’ve decided that I really would like to purchase a series of three tidying sessions with you, and then ask for gift cards from my family, as holiday gifts!”

“Our daughter just let us know that we can give a gift card to her to use toward virtual tidying lessons from you!”

“My mum was predictably delighted to gift me a tidying session with you!”


From now until December 25, 2020 receive a complementary copy of The Tidy Home Joy Journal with purchase of a For the Love of Tidy gift certificate for yourself or a loved one valued at $50 or more.


Unregiftable Favorites

Personalized Puzzle Step Stool Bench*
My go-to gift for new parents that they cherish forever! Favorite engraving: “Just one small step for you. Remember, always continue to climb and reach for the stars.”

*Contact shop owner to specifically request the step stool and check availability.

My Favorite Candles
Level up that generic Christmas candle with my favorite candle brand. The National Parks collection is my favorite (“Redwood” for example). Also sold locally at Una Mae’s.

Electric Rechargeable Lighter
Pair this lighter with your candle-based gifts as a sustainable alternative.

Custom Birthdate Candle
Birthday gift to myself this year. It’s a keeper. #virgopower

Custom Photo Book | $10 off your first order
An Ivey family tradition for my nieces. Ditch those clunky traditional photo albums for a high quality custom photo book series you can build on each year.

My FAVORITE local pop-up shop in Wicker Park 
1407 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
Quirky: jewelry, greeting cards, home decor, clothing, artisan crafts, and more! Note: They have odd business hours. Call ahead to ensure they’re open. 512.537.4648 Update 12/4/20: Store has cleared out and closed.

BONUS: More of my favorite gifts for every occasion.

Food & Beverage

Daily Harvest Subscription
How I prefer to get most of my fruits and veggies…frozen smoothies delivered to my door. Don’t sleep on the scoops and soups! Favorite smoothie: Chocolate + Blueberry.

Revive Superfoods: Frozen Smoothie Subscription | 55% off your first order
The Sweet Acai Smoothie Bowl is my favorite.

Farmer’s Fridge | $10 off your first order
I love a good salad! The contactless delivery and collaborations with local chefs are a plus too. Local delivery to Chicagoland, Indiana, and New York. I love everything they sell. Can’t even pick a favorite.

As of December 5, 2022, Farmer’s Fridge has retired their home delivery program. They are still available in fridges (fresh-food vending machines) in many offices, airports, universities, etc. See locations here.

Instacart Grocery and Delivery Pickup | $10 off your first order
Convenient contactless delivery up three flights of stairs to my door. Worth it!

I no longer recommend Instacart, but Amazon Fresh is an AMAZING alternative. Accurate. Efficient. Free delivery with Amazon Prime membership.


Air Fryer Toaster Oven with Rotisserie + Dehydrator
I’ve crossed over to the dark side. It’s perfect and it’s used daily!

This air fryer stopped working on me! I now have a CRUXGG 6-In-1 Digital Touchscreen Countertop Air Fryer and I love it! (Black owned or founded brand)

Air Fryer Parchment Liners
Makes cleanup a breeze.

Foldable Drainer Tray
The sleek design keeps water from pooling all over my counters as my dishes dry.

I prefer this in-sink drying rack instead.

Water Bottle + Hydration Tracker
Labeled to help you track your consumption throughout the day. What more could could you ask for?

Extra Wide Reusable Clear Silicone Straws
Not just for boba! Perfect pairing with all the Daily Harvest and Revive smoothies. Wide and clear design makes them easy to clean.

Electric Gooseneck Kettle
So compact, sleek, and functional. I love to use it to make a cup for ONE!

Reusable Silicone Dishwashing Brush Scrubber Gloves
Daily manicure protector.

Fashion & Style

Stylebook app
A virtual closet made from my real-life wardrobe…aka the best thing that’s ever happened to my clothes and style!

Virtual Color Radiance Consultation (Power Partner)
Look great on all those zoom calls. Get your colors done! Includes a handy laminated color card provided by Color Guru.

Virtual Style Consultation (Power Partner)
Does your closet need more joy? Shop and style your existing wardrobe with @windycitythrifter.

Hair & Beauty

Silk Classic Large Scrunchie
I hesitated to invest in higher end hair accessories, but my curls thank me every day! Pairs best with a messy quarantine bun.

Foot Peel Mask
Instant pedi at home. These REALLY work. Like EWWW in the best way.

Daily Facials Makeup Remover Wipes
I prefer activated soap cloths over oil-based removers, so I fell in love. Great for those lazy days when you need to quickly remove your makeup.

Rose Water Spray Toner
A few sprits right after I wash my face and before I put on my favorite moisturizer.

Shampoo & Conditioner
I collaborated with Nature Lab Tokyo on a private event and was able to sample there amazing line. They prioritize scalp health at a great price point. My curls are in love! (also sold at Ulta)

BANG Hair Salon Chicago
Favorite stylist: Eli Mancha

Fringe Nail Salon Chicago
Favorite nail technician: Irene Gamboa

Hygiene, Health & Wellness

Recycled Toilet Paper Subscription
Instead of jockeying for the last roll in the aisle, I decided to put my TP on subscription.

Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment | $5 off your first order
Game changer for people who poop. 

Sonic Toothbrush
New brush heads automatically delivered to your door every three months.

Touchless Soap Dispenser
So fresh and so clean. I got the white one to match my kitchen appliances.

Smart Scale with Wireless Tracking
I had no idea how much scale technology had advanced until my ancient scale broke and needed to be replaced. I love the tracking feature that syncs with the app.

Traditional body jewelry with many uses and meanings. Made by hand in Accra, Ghana.

Fitness Slimmer Belt
My workout companion. Way more comfortable than a traditional waist trainer.

Office Supplies & Tech

A colorful Bando Calendar for the shop mindful playlist

Best Year Ever Wall Calendar
The calendar that fills my office every year with color and positive messages that seem to be tailor made for me.

100% Recycled Great Big Calendar
It’s big!…and I love it.

The Self-Care Planner
I actually filled this one out CONSISTENTLY this year! Just the right amount of prompts.

Retractable Pens
So cute and fun.

Wireless Earphones
The end of my quest for the perfect ones.

Wireless Optical Pen Mouse Smart Mouse
Seriously life-changing. I use it every day.

Wireless Keyboard
Slim, light, and functional. Excellent battery life.

Whiteboard Standing Desk
The most expensive thing I bought during the pandemic that was absolutely worth it!

Monitor Stand/Riser Desk Organizer
Pair with the desk above.

Cell Phone Stand/Cradle
I purchased these for my family after getting tired of saying “I can see up your nose” over and over again!

Ipad Tripod Stand Height Adjustable iPad Stand Holder
The only tripod I’ve ever purchased that I don’t hate. Holds my iPad AND phone for photos on the fly.

Minding Your Budget

YNAB budgeting software for the shop mindful list

You Need a Budget (YNAB) Personal Budgeting Software | one month FREE
The KonMari Method® of budgeting. I’ve used this tool faithfully for over a decade and was featured in their Weekly Roundup.

Switched from Verizon to a T-mobile friends and family plan
Saved over $100+ a month! Great cell and customer service.

Switched from Xfinity to RCN (limited to certain cities and neighborhoods)
Saved $24 a month ! Reliable internet service across my entire home for a better price.

Note: While I LOVE the quality and reliability of this fiber internet service, I do not give RCN customer service (in-home techs and phone agents) a gold star. Make sure to clearly walk through the terms and conditions of any promotional services offered, as they may include undisclosed time limits/expirations that result in unexpected fluctuations in your bill.

The WHY of FI (Financial Independence)

Home, Art & Design

Painting of my dog Carbon for the shop mindful list

A Paint Party Near You
I loved painting Carbon with guided instruction (plus wine). I’ll never throw away this one!

The Frame Shop Chicago
For all of your “I need to get that framed” needs.

A Mad Hatter’s Gin & Tea Party Near You
A 90 minute immersive WONDERful experience.
Event has expired.

Mashallah Jewelry
I have two rings and a necklace from this woman-owned small business, often featured at Chicago street festivals. This year I picked up a beautiful mug made by a local artist from her store in Pilsen.

Plants Delivered
EVE, my first plant, was delivered to my door.

Extra-Long Portable Double Hammock
This was for my working from hammock when the weather was nice.

Signs of HOPE & THANKS
25% of product sales are donated to the American Red Cross.

Storytelling Class – an 8 week writing intensive
The class behind the TEDx. Essential for those who wish they had more time for writing.

Home Storage Solutions and Other Services

Beauty blender storage on the shop mindful list.

Beauty Blender Holder
This might be my favorite storage solution EVER. Keeps my beauty blender clean and dry.

Rose Gold Hangers
Slooooowly replacing my black velvet hangers with these beauties.

The Bedside Night Caddy
No need for a nightstand. This caddy cradles and charges ALL of the things.

Label & Sticker Remover
I’ve probably removed over 1,000 price tags and labels from my clients’ belongings over the years. This saves my fingers.

Sparkle & Shine Home Cleaning Service (Power Partner)
I gift my home with Saya’s q-tip magic once a year.

Task Rabbit – Help with Errands & Home Projects
I use them for small projects and to manage contactless secondhand furniture deliveries.

Life In Motion Guide (vital information and end of life binder)
I’m getting my legacy in order using Karen’s thorough tool featured in this episode of Spark Joy podcast.

Music & Comedy

The Pandemic Project album cover - new music on the shop mindful list

Tobe Nwigwe | The Pandemic Experience @tobenwigwe
The best concert I’ve seen, virtual or otherwise, in a long time! Re-broadcast the live experience by this Grammy nominated artist.

The DJ that broke records with his infamous Club Quarantine.

I attend his 90’s girl brunch virtually every weekend.

Season 2 coming soon!

The Keep Your Distance Comedy Show @kevonstage
Something to make you smile…from a distance…at home!

Looking for more ideas?

I asked the For the Love of Tidy community…

Here are some of their favorites:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Piano
  • Toaster Oven
  • Vitamix Blender
  • Yogurt machine
  • A Condo
  • A House
  • Baskets
  • Elfa Closet System
  • Home Cleaning Service
  • Backyard Movie Set-up
  • Patio remodel
  • Fire Pit
  • Kayak
  • Water filtration system
  • Nespersso machine
  • Mochamaster machine
  • Peloton
  • Yoga mat
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Wireless mouse
  • The Pandemic game
  • iPad
  • Cricut
  • Soft Loungewear
  • Convertible Car Seat
  • Business/mental health coaching

The Perfect Pair: Tidy Gift Card + The Tidy Home Joy Journal

The Gift of Tidy certificate and The Tidy Home Joy Journal - shop mindful gifts.

“I’ve decided that I really would like to purchase a series of three tidying sessions with you, and then ask for gift cards from my family, as holiday gifts!”

“Our daughter just let us know that we can give a gift card to her to use toward virtual tidying lessons from you!”

“My mum was predictably delighted to gift me a tidying session with you!”


From now until December 25, 2020 receive a complementary copy of The Tidy Home Joy Journal with purchase a For the Love of Tidy gift certificate for yourself or a loved one valued at $50 or more.


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