The Tidy Home Joy Journal + Spark Joy Club

THE tool to help you KonMari your space and life —
Designed with gratitude and joy by For the Love of Tidy.

Your #1 Tidying Companion

Whether you’re working with Kristyn or you’re independently pursuing a joyful home transformation, The Tidy Home Joy Journal + Spark Joy Club is designed to help immediately take action. It includes:

  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Exercises
  • Checklists
  • Resources
  • Video tutorials
  • Private membership community via Facebook

Perfect for...

The False Starter.
Have you attempted to bring the KonMari Method™ into your home, but need a hand across the finish line?


The Tidy Home Joy Journal will keep you on track with a plan and a vision.

The Cluttered Side-Stepper.
Does the thought of approaching your home’s clutter fill you with anxiety?


The Tidy Home Joy Journal will help you get started.

The DIYer.
Are you committed to finishing your KonMari tidying event on your own, without the help of a KonMari Consultant?


The Tidy Home Joy Journal will keep you on track to make the most of your solo tidy.

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A note from Kristyn Ivey

Founder of For the Love of Tidy

I created The Tidy Home Joy Journal + Spark Joy Club to help you cross “organize my home” off your list.

My wish for you?

That you stay present during your KonMari Tidying Journey so you don’t miss a single lesson your clutter may be trying to teach you.

The Tidy Home Joy Journal is not a “someday” read, destined to sit on your shelf collecting dust. By design, this journal won’t even work unless you are actively tidying!

It will help you breed motivation and cure fear.

But wait…there’s more!

Your copy of the The Tidy Home Joy Journal is your ticket into The Spark Joy Club, a private Facebook community filled with Graduates of Tidy, dedicated Spark Joy podcast listeners, and fellow mindful shoppers who picked up the journal and are living their KonMari dreams.

Bring your clutter challenges to Kristyn on-demand and access over 35 videos that dive deeper into frequently asked home organizing questions.

Structure + guidance =
less procrastination, less indecision.

  • Stop waiting for motivation to come knocking at your door
  • Design and execute your tidying event in a way that is manageable, practical, and purpose-driven
  • Become an extension of a home you honor

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Tidy Tales of Success

It 's time to talk tidy!

Reserve time to chat about your unique clutter challenges.

Yes, finally!