How to Prepare for Your First KonMari Virtual Tidying Lesson

April 16, 2020

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already made the first and most important step – committing to your first Virtual Tidying Lesson with For the Love of Tidy! If you’re feeling any nervous anticipation…that’s OK! It’s natural to feel this way when diving into a new experience. Please, trust the process, and review the following tips to ensure your first lesson sparks an incredible amount of joy!

DO NOT TIDY AHEAD OF TIME. I cannot emphasize this enough! Do not clean or pick up anything in your home because it’s important for your consultant to see the space as you do, in its current condition, before jumping into the KonMari Method®.

REDUCE POTENTIAL DISTRACTIONS. Your spouse, children, pets, phone calls, nosy relative, work requests…all of these distractions can potentially knock you out of your tidying zone. Ensure those you love know that you are unavailable while tidying so your attention remains undivided.

REFRESH YOUR INTERNET AND CHARGE YOUR DEVICES. Prior to your first Lesson, ensure that your internet connection is refreshed and reliable. Select the strongest WiFi network to support the call on either a laptop or mobile device. Ensure all devices are charged prior to the call, as you may need to be portable while we tour your space. Familiarize yourself with Zoom software and ensure the app is up to date via “Settings” > “Check for Updates.” 

SET ASIDE YOUR UNMENTIONABLES AND PRIVATE DOCUMENTS. If there are items in your home that are particularly delicate or private that you do not feel comfortable handling in front of a consultant, feel free to set them aside. You are a student of tidying! As we progress through the Lessons you will hone your ability to choose what sparks joy and can sort through those items privately as a homework assignment.

GRAB SOME CLEANING SUPPLIES. During your Virtual Tidying Lesson you will encounter both objects and nature (dust, dirt, etc.). This is a great time to consider wiping down and disinfecting objects and surfaces. Collect appropriate supplies (multipurpose cleaner, glass cleaner, microfiber cloth or paper towels, disinfectant spray/wipes, etc.) together prior to the Lesson.

VISUALIZE YOUR IDEAL LIFESTYLE. Understanding your vision is a critical aspect of the method. We will solidify your ideal lifestyle/living environment during your first Lesson.

It is highly recommended that you purchase a copy of The Tidy Home Joy Journal prior to the call to enhance your experience and reflect on your vision. Much of what your consultant will discuss during your Lesson will tie back to this tool. Also, listen to Episode 5 of Spark Joy podcast for preliminary guidance.

BREATHE AND SMILE. It’s time to get tidy!

Note: Many “Konverts” ask if they need to finish Marie Kondo’s books (The Life-changing Magic of Tidying or Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up) prior to our first Lesson or watch every episode of Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Please note, this is not a requirement. While having a general understanding of the KonMari Method® is useful, our in-person Lessons will cover the book and beyond, tailored to fit your unique situation.

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