KonMari Consultants Share the Moment the Method Changed Their Lives

July 5, 2017

Aha moments, epiphanies, light bulbs, sparks…no matter what we call them, we know when they show up in our lives. Sometimes in waves. Sometimes in whispers or a deliberate nudge. Obvious or coy, these moments and subsequent decisions shift our trajectory towards the life we want. As the community of KonMari® Consultants continues to grow and spread joy, the KonMari® principle of gratitude inspired me to take a step back to appreciate the initial moment KonMari® sparked my life-changing journey. For me, it was February 7, 2016 at 10:57pm. I read an article about 100 KonMari Consultants in Japan trained by Marie Kondo to tidy homes. I sent my friend (and first practice client) a text:

“If KonMari comes to the US – I’m there!”

Joy was officially sparked. As I reflected on my experience, I was curious about what drove my fellow KonMari Consultants and trainees to shift from KonMari® fan to KonMari® practice.

Here’s what they shared:

They were inspired by the impact their own KonMari tidying experience had on their home and life

“A couple months ago, I walked through my own door after a bit of a long day. Everywhere I looked just made me smile. I felt such peace. I was home, my home was happy, the air in my home was happy. I felt complete peace. No resistance, everything was just right. Everything was light, and sparked such true joy. I knew right then this is what I wanted to bring to as many as I could. This is what my life is meant to do. This will be my legacy to those who I am blessed to share it with.”

Rachel Murphy | KonMari Consultant Trainee – Wichita, KSSimplify My Life

They used KonMari to navigate a major life transition

“I KonMari’d my home to sell it in Nashville, TN because my husband and I wanted to take our homeschooled boys on a year long trip in our Airstream trailer. Selling the home and stuff inside funded our travels and our landing. We decided to move to 80 acres of farmland we owned in Wisconsin and build our home (with our own hands). It wasn’t scary because it’s only 1,200 square feet. Homeschooling, boys, and 1,200 square feet might seem scary or potentially messy, but it’s not! Earlier this year I decided to sign up for Marie Kondo’s website newsletter because I think her method was/is vital to our success and I like to see what her future will include (like a book about tidying with children?) When the seminar said Chicago, my heart skipped a beat. Truly, Marie Kondo was coming to me! I couldn’t pass up this chance because it was so near (and family in the suburbs makes a nice “hotel” rate). Ironically, two nights before I signed up for the seminar, unprompted, my mom was on the phone complaining her closet was a mess. I told her I’d come sort it out and after I signed up I told her she was going to get the full-blown Method now!”

Brenda Massei | KonMari Consultant Trainee – Madison, WIZen Tidy Home

They used KonMari to process the loss of loved ones and honor cherished memories

“After my mother passed away, I wanted to be intentional in my first Advent season without her. The San Francisco, December Consultant Training was scheduled during the week of JOY (coincidence I assume), and having found such JOY in helping people to tidy I felt it was meant to be! Looking forward to many lessons of JOY to come.”

Jane Grodem | KonMari Consultant – San Carlos, CASpark Joy Bay Area

“Both my parents passed within six weeks of each other and as I cleared and sorted 65 years of marriage and kids (on top of my grandparents heirlooms), The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up arrived right at the perfect time. Marie’s book was a lifesaver as I decluttered my space (now more full from my parents!) My youngest had just left for college, so my nest was emptying and I was keen to create a new work life doing what I was passionate about. Having signed up to beta test the KonMari app I was very interested in how people were applying the practice. KonMari was top of mind. Shortly thereafter the email about the seminar in San Francisco arrived. Within minutes, I signed up. No hesitation, it felt incredibly right. I had a strong sense this path could blend my talents and experience (HR consulting, marketing, small business owner) with my passion for helping others.”

Tricia Fidler | KonMari Consultant – San Diego, CAHeywood Park Collective

They pieced together clues uncovered by the KonMari tidying process

“The last nine years I have been a stay at home mom of two boys after a decade working as an art director in film marketing. I have since tried numerous other career options. From teaching preschoolers Chinese, to getting certified as a parenting instructor, they met my desire to help others. However, I didn’t feel like my heart was in it. Every few years I would revisit the idea of becoming a professional organizer. However, I didn’t want to end up setting up costly storage systems that people can’t maintain. Especially when I was constantly re-organizing my own home. One afternoon, I was walking home when I spotted The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up on a stoop left for passerby to take. Something stopped me long enough to catch the title of the book. I couldn’t believe it. Marie’s book had FOUND ME! After reading the book that resolved every issue keeping me from pursuing organizing a career, and after tidying up and experiencing the magic, I decided it’s time to commit to starting a new career.”

Ann Dooley | KonMari Consultant – Brooklyn, NYSimple Joy with Ann

They realized their career didn’t spark joy, and it was time for a change

“I was sitting on holiday, in the sunshine turning 40, admitting I was in a job that did not bring me joy and that my marriage was not bringing me joy and that my now ex husband and I did not have the same parenting beliefs, or same goals/values or dreams. I spent the holiday jotting down brainstorm ideas of what would bring me joy. Working as a professional organizer/declutterer and helping people to realize their sense of joy and potential was top of my list but I just didn’t know exactly in what way I would achieve this.

Pre-Konmari, I knew I needed to be the best mum I could be, and that my kids deserved. This was not going to happen in my marriage, so the kids and I had a period of homelessness and extreme upheaval followed by building a new a beautiful life. I changed jobs, but something still was not right. None of the books/methods I had read about decluttering felt exactly right. Then in 2015 I found the books on Konmari Method and this just lit up my heart. By March 26, 2016 I completed my own Konmari tidying festival and was ready to make big changes, I emailed KonMari Media asking if and when they planned to do international training and how could I sign-up. As soon as I got the email saying they were releasing training dates I signed up for the first seminar, the New York seminar. I met the most amazing people at the seminar and was truly inspired by them and by KonMari team.”

Clara Moore | KonMari Consultant – UKJoy of Space

“After more than 20 years moving up through the ranks in the healthcare industry, I was searching for a way to move away from healthcare for several years. I was so tired of and so disinterested in the work, but could not find a way out. I was really beginning to feel hopeless, and quite a bit depressed, when I read The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up. The book didn’t fix my job situation, but it gave me something useful and positive to focus on as I KonMari’ed our apartment. I loved it so much, I found myself daydreaming about KonMari to get through the day.

My job was taking a horrible toll on me. My heart was just not in it, and because of that I wasn’t doing very well. I knew I needed a way out, but just couldn’t find it. I learned that Marie Kondo was going to appear at The Japan Center here in NYC, and I went to see her. Everything about the experience was so delightful and I was just entranced! The thought that the magic of Tidy could become my career never entered my head, but at least I could spend my off work hours bringing more and more KonMari into my life.

After signing up for the KonMari Consultant seminar immediately, I knew this was going to be my destiny. I had no idea how to start. I had not made a dime organizing in the past. I was going to be starting from scratch; but I was going to do it no matter what! I was so sure that I needed to follow this dream with all I had, and lucky enough to have a very patient and supportive husband, that I quit my job within a month of launching my business. I felt in my heart that there was something out there for me, but I would have never guessed that something like becoming a KonMari consultant would be it!”

Karin Socci | KonMari Consultant – New York CityThe Serene Home

“I was between jobs and at the first workshop Marie Kondo did in the US about becoming a consultant, and when she announced the first seminar in NYC, it was an Instant Click Moment and I knew I had to do it.”

Diana Gill | KonMari Consultant Trainee – New York City@organizingjoy

They were encouraged by friends and family

“I had done the KonMari Method after reading the book in July 2015 and it was so life-changing! I had always dreamed of having a business since I was a little girl, and when I received the email that a us consulting seminar would be occurring in SF in August of 2016 I was frozen to the spot. Could I do it?! My Dad has always believed in me and after discussing it with him he said “Do it!” I signed up, studied the ferry guides to SF, and not only was the seminar fantastic I met so many inspiring people who also loved the Method.”

Geneva Lewis | KonMari Consultant – Sacramento, CA | Tidy by Geneva

“I got the email from KonMari Media after signing up to the email list! I sent my friend a text and said, ‘Training in Cali in August- should I go?’ She said, ‘YES!’ I knew I would anyway, but sharing with a friend made it real.”

Carmen Swizdor | KonMari Consultant Trainee – Oahu, HI | Sorted

“For me, I was sitting in a rooftop restaurant in Santiago, Chile with one of my closest friends. I was having a bit of a career/mid-life crisis and she told me to 1) surround myself with people who inspire me and 2) create something for myself. And here I am!”

Amanda Jefferson | KonMari Consultant – Media, PAIndigo Organizing

They just knew

“I woke up at 3:26 AM, on January, 25, 2017, worried about work and my overwhelming to-do list. I couldn’t fall back to sleep, so I got up and looked up if becoming a KonMari Consultant was even a thing in the US. It was! I put myself on the mailing list and stalked the site for the next seminar announcements. I consider it fate that they did the first Chicago seminar, this year. I’ve never felt so excited for a weekend and I left feeling refreshed and inspired.”

Emily Dieckmann | KonMari® Consultant Trainee – Saint Charles, IL

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  1. Geneva says:

    What a great read, Kristyn. We all have different stories but it is so clear that Marie Kondo’s work spoke to us all and opened the doors to new experiences and adventures along with a lot of old-fashioned hard work. Brava!

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