Fellow KonMari Consultants!

As my business has shifted, I've decided to sunset my Tidy Mastermind program for prospective consultants/active trainees/emerging certified KonMari® Consultants to dedicate more time clients, events, and other engagements. 

Not to worry! There are some excellent resources I am more than happy to share to help your tidying business grow and thrive. Here are a few of my favorites:

Spark Joy podcast Episode 33: How to Become a KonMari Consultant

An Open Letter to KonMari Consultant Trainees

Consultants Share the Moment KonMari Changed Their Lives

The Real Tidy Desks of KonMari Consultants Working from Home Around the World

How to Create Your KonMari Survival Kit (everything I carry with me to a client's home)

I will also continue to leave a limited number of spots open on my calendar to discuss the business of tidying with emerging professionals.

I've helped emerging consultants:

  • Determine if KonMari® consulting is the right career path
  • Jumpstart and launch their business presence from nothing
  • Set up a successful virtual tidying service
  • Map a business vision and strategic plan
  • Develop a consistent brand voice aesthetic
  • Establish the value/cost of services
  • Attract, retain, and “wow” ideal clients
  • Workshop a workshop presentation
  • Launch a podcast

Feel free to sign-up below at any time! 


Businesses thrive when Consultants spread joy...

I scheduled a career coaching video call with Kristyn for tips on how to build my own KonMari consultant business. I admire her own, and need early stage guidance. She was able to answer all of my questions, offering insights and solutions immediately. I was impressed with the way she immediately understood the angle/ strategy I was interested in pursuing, and offered tailored advice - even suggesting a specific business I could look at for inspiration. Kristyn followed up with worksheets, links, exercises, and more to keep me focused on the next right actions to build my business. The return on investment for booking time with Kristyn was substantial. I look forward to more career coaching sessions with her.
                                                                                                                                              - Clancy O'Connor

When I first reached out to Kristyn, I was struggling to decide what my next step should be in setting myself up for success as a KonMari consultant. To be clear, the furthest I’ve gotten is reading the books and tidying my own home. In the span of half an hour, Kristyn imparted wisdom and insight that would have taken me weeks (if not months!) to glean on my own. She gave direct answers to my actual questions, but also took the time to give deeper, more impactful advice. For example, I asked her which of two action items I should consider, and her response was to first shape my business core values (a very KonMari response, I should add!) She also offered great insight into the support that comes with being a part of a professional organization, and a glance into the types of decisions I may need to make as I grow my potential business. Now I have a much clearer path forward, and realize that launching a business has many similarities to completing a tidying festival. Thanks, Kristyn!
                                                                                                                                                 - Maddie Orange

I reached out to Kristyn for advice on the business side of becoming a KonMari Consultant. Our conversation left me more confident as I prepared to meet with my first practice client just a few days after our call. She was very encouraging and helped me hone in on the skills I already possess and that I can use when working with clients. Thanks, Kristyn!
                             - Gabriela Raguay-Williamson

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