Tidy Mastermind

Empowering emerging tidying professionals to build
businesses that thrive.

Organize and grow your tidying business.

Welcome to Tidy Mastermind 4.0

An intentional collective of everything you’ll need to jumpstart your tidying business!

The Mission

Foster and serve a community of emerging tidying entrepreneurs with actionable tools and accountability that drives the thriving business envisioned in their ideal lifestyle.

Tidy Mastermind 4.0 enrollment opens February 24 – March 2, 2020. Please contact For the Love of Tidy with interest or schedule a tidy business coaching call to address more immediate needs.


Businesses thrive when Consultants spread joy...

From Certified to Successful

The From Certified to Successful live presentation is available now!

Access is limited to the KonMari trainee and certified consultant community.

Email kristyn@fortheloveoftidy.com for password and free access and view the presentation here.

Tidy Mastermind: Starter Kit 4.0

All of the tidying business resources I wish I had when I first started to develop my tidying business from the ground up!

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“A great place to ask questions. Great resources and the very generous sharing of the starter kit. Great guests.”     – Jane Fern, KonMari Consultant (Bronze)

All tools are KonMari Consultant tested and client approved.

Client Profile
(Comprehensive intake form)

Tidy Contract
(Sample work agreement + Tidy Pledge addendum)

Speaking Engagement Proposal 
(Template to organize event plans and details)

The Tidy Home Joy Journal
(Complementary copy of this #1 Amazon Best Seller included with sign-up!)

Looking for a place to start?

Check out this open letter I wrote to KonMari Consultant Trainees reflecting on my experiences.

Get notified when the TM 4.0 launches in 2020!

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“This is exactly what I need to help me get started.”    – Megan Spillman, KonMari Consultant in training

The Course & Community

Let’s organize and grow together!

By activating your Tidy Mastermind:

Starter Kit 4.0 unlocks the opportunity to enroll in the Tidy Mastermind private Facebook community.

Grounded in peer-to-peer accountability, this group will help you organize and grow a sustainable tidying business through actionable goals.

Tidy Mastermind members act as catalysts for change, holding each other accountable while sharing creative business ideas and making strategic business decisions.

Weekly facilitated live discussions will help you:

  • Define your business vision and goals
  • Strengthen your brand voice and POV
  • Embrace your true value
  • Attract your ideal client
  • Organize systems and tools
  • Present with purpose
  • Establish and optimize your digital presence
  • Plan your media marketing

all while you take action on your 90-day business goals.

“This mastermind came at the perfect time, when I was starting to feel certification getting pushed farther and farther into the future. It kept me focused on my vision of becoming a KonMari Consultant in a very proactive way.”     – Heather Young, KonMari Consultant (Green)

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