The No Buy Use Up Challenge

February 1, 2021

No Buy Use Up: This year, we’re kicking things off with a 15 week challenge! Here’s more:

The No Buy Use Up Challenge

After sharing my struggles with mindless shopping last year for all of the world to hear, I continued to meticulously explore ways I can KonMari® the heck out of my life (one that’s currently spent almost exclusively at home ).

My home has remained permanently organized since I finished my KonMari® event in spring 2016. But, I’ve had A LOT of life transitions since then (not to mention the whole global pandemic we’re all experiencing), requiring a few KonMari® lite tweaks.

I’m finally mentally prepared to commit to something I’ve wanted to do for YEARS:

To test the waters, I looked for ways I could avoid shopping, but still get the thrill of the hunt.

Turns out, when you focus on finding and using up consumable stuff you already have around your home before giving yourself permission to buy new alternatives, you trick yourself into decluttering one of the toughest KonMari® clutter categories: Komono (miscellaneous items).

As you gather, collect, and inventory your stock, you start to choose joy without even realizing you’re making progress on your KonMari® event.

For example:

  • In order to use up, you have to find like-items in your home and gather them together…a key step in the KonMari® processes
  • Each time you use up what you already have, you get a quick win. Cumulative quick wins shift your mindset and lifestyle towards more conscious consumerism
  • Whenever you become more aware of what you have (reality check!) you hone your ability to confidently define what “enough” means for you (and say “no, thank you” to all the rest)
  • Saving money is always fun! Periodt.

I surveyed my home and found 15 categories of possessions that I have in abundance, but never hesitate to continue to acquire before using up. For the next 15 weeks I’d LOVE for us to virtually use up our inventories together before we put anything else of its kind in the shopping cart.

Here’s the deal:

  • Each Tuesday morning for 15 weeks (February 2 – May 11) I will share a Komono item (it will be home decor, beauty/bath, or office related) to commit to using up before shopping for more. Each item will be revealed in a weekly Instagram post and on IG Stories
  • Hunt for this item in your home, gathering all of your options together
  • Show me your AWARENESS! By Friday of each week, take a photo of your version of the featured Komono collection and tag @fortheloveoftidy in your IG post/Stories AND use the hashtag #NoBuyUseUp so I can find your pics and share them in the challenge roundup (also on Fridays)
A row of toothpaste tubes representing the No Buy Use Up Challenge.

Let’s virtually declutter and use up our consumable goods together so we can upgrade or open ourselves up to the products and brands that spark more joy!

If you miss a week, no worries. Feel free to jump in at any time! Past weeks will be saved under the IG Highlight: No Buy Use Up.

Advanced: My No Spend Year

Each month, I will reflect on my decision to declutter my finances by committing to a No Buy/No Spend Year. Don’t miss a single “Diaries of a Recovering Mindless Shopper” entry. Take the Tidy Pledge below for updates. (Note: I send value, not clutter, twice a month.)

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