A Father Who Folds Leaves a Legacy of Joy

June 18, 2017

I have one cool dad.

Way beyond any Father’s Day mug could confess. From the beginning, he’s had my back whether I wanted to hug a killer whale or dive into entrepreneurship. He never questions or judges my decisions. He gives me space to grow, learn, make mistakes and experience life. As long as I’m happy, he’s happy.

When I first caught the KonMari® bug, my dad took all of the clothes out of the dryer and plopped them on the kitchen counter to begin to practice the folding technique.

When he used the phrase “crotch side up” when trying to remember which direction to fold my mom’s underwear we laughed so hard; “joy” doesn’t even do that moment justice.

Now, I’m proud to call my dad my client.

He completed the KonMari® clothing category and continues to refine what “spark joy” means to him. The best part is when he shares stories related to why he’s keeping the items he holds dear, I get to know a bit more about him and our family history. At 63, he enjoys living a healthy, active lifestyle and keeping up with trends. Without hesitation he helped me illustrate how to fold his vibrant collection of collared shirts KonMari® style:

  • Lay out long-sleeved collared shirts and accessories that spark joy:

  • Roll a coordinating belt and place it within the collar to provide structure:

  • Fold one side toward the center:

  • Fold the sleeve to fit within the rectangle’s width:

  • Fold the sleeve back flush with the edge of the rectangle:

  • Fold the other side the same way:

  • Fold once length-wise, almost but not quite to the edge, leaving a small gap:

  • Fold again in half or thirds depending on the length of your shirt:

  • Stand the shirt upright on edge and store in your luggage:

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