Five Signs You’ve Entered a KonMari Home

April 17, 2017

There’s something special about a home that’s recently gone through a KonMari home transformation. The home and its occupants seem to breathe a little easier. Post-tidy, home decor and interior design projects are often uncovered and addressed with a new sense of urgency and style to upgrade the joy. Be inspired by the transformative properties of decluttering as we explore five characteristics of a tidy home.

The owner mentions how the The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up book changed their life

Tidying is contagious! So don’t be surprised if the homeowner is anxious to share the positive impact tidying has had on their life before you even walk through the door! The experience will resonate within their four walls and beyond, as the impact of the transformation is far-reaching

There is an inviting balance of open space with joyful furniture and accessories

KonMari® homeowners keep visual noise to a minimum. This leads to flat surfaces being used for working instead of storing. Furniture may be rearranged or tucked away in closets to make room for activity and experiences. Accessories are intentionally selected and displayed with honor instead of buried away in a tightly packed bin. Additionally, like-items are stored together in harmony to ease the act of daily maintenance and cleaning.

The interior design reflects the owner’s personality and style

The act of tidying your home is fundamentally a process of self-discovery. It helps you get in touch with aspects of your home (and life) that have been neglected or ignored. When the clutter is gone everything is exposed – good and bad. So you may notice that the furniture is rearranged or the paint color has changed to match the ideal living environment determined at the start of the process.

Clothing is hung and folded with care

The KonMari® fold is one of the signature aspects of the KonMari Method® that has a lasting impression on all that give it a go. So, if you see clothing in their closet that progressively rises to the right or t-shirts that are lined up on edge like book spines, you’ve entered a KonMari® space.

There is a power spot

The KonMari® power spot is a place to recharge and reflect. It can be tucked away in a drawer/closet or encompass an entire room. A power spot is filled with positive energy and serves as a place for where you can relax and recharge. It’s filled and decorated with only the items you love and make you smile.

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