Common Excuses to Discard Before Hiring a KonMari Tidying Consultant

February 8, 2017

I’m often asked “So, what do you do?” My response varies, but the reaction is almost always the same. “Oh! I need that!!!” It’s no secret, Americans are experiencing a serious case of clutter, feeling like we’ve collectively fallen and can’t get up. That’s where I step in and offer a solution in the form of KonMari Tidying Lessons. However, the moment there is nothing but a commitment standing between an interested party and a clutter free life, I’m often met with excuses why we can’t begin to tidy just yet. Potential progress is blocked before we even have a chance to get started. It’s amazing how easy it is to let ourselves get in our own way. If you’re hesitating to take the next tidying step, you’re not alone! I’ve compiled the top reasons why potential clients don’t immediately commit to tidying and why you shouldn’t let these common excuses block your joy.

“But, I haven’t read the book yet.”

While having a general understanding of the KonMari Method can’t hurt, in-home KonMari Tidying Lessons cover the book and beyond, tailored to fit your unique situation. Therefore, waiting until you read the book “someday” may be preventing you from making progress today.

“I’d like to, but I’m really busy. I don’t have the time.”

The average American wastes 55 minutes a day (roughly 12 days a year) looking for things they own but can’t find. Like the act of tidying itself, how you spend your time is a choice. By saying “I don’t have time” what you’re actually saying is “it’s not a priority.” Try declaring (out loud), “decluttering my home in order to change my life is not a priority” to gauge how you feel about making the commitment.

“I can’t afford to hire a professional right now.”

Similar to time, we choose to spend our money on the things we want, need, or value. If tidying doesn’t fall under one of those three categories, you won’t be motivated to adjust your budget accordingly to accommodate the investment and risk unconsciously purchasing more things that potentially turn into clutter. For less than the cost of a designer bag or intricate closet storage system, consider investing in a new life skill; a permanent solution that eliminates the need for return visits from organizing professionals or chronic, mindless spending.

“I’m too nervous/embarrassed to let you inside my home.” 

As a tidying consultant, I meet you where you are and teach you a new approach for managing your home and life. If you are feeling any nervous anticipation…that’s OK! It’s natural to feel this way when considering a new experience. Trust the process!

“But, I’m terrible at letting anything go.” 

After 500+ hours of tidying, I haven’t experienced a situation where a client let’s nothing go! The KonMari Method® gives you the power to make decisions within the boundaries your home presents to you. The method gives you tools to focus your attention on what you choose to keep (does it “spark joy?”), rather than what/how much you discard, donate, or sell.

“My house is a hot mess. I need to tidy/clean/discard/hire a traditional organizer before you come.” 

If your home wasn’t “a mess” there would be no need for me to help you. Being knee deep in clutter is the nature of the profession! Hiring someone to do all of the work for you before adopting the KonMari® approach could lead to clutter rebound. Save your energy and funds for a special KonMari tidying event! If you tidy a little bit here and there you will be tidying for the rest of your life.

“My husband/spouse/kids/roommate is so messy, so no matter what I do our home will never be tidy.” 

Through the experience visiting homes and working with everyone who shares a space there are three things I know for sure: 1) tidying is contagious 2) you can’t force another person to tidy 3) complaining about someone else’s mess is not productive and is usually a sign you have more work to do on your own tidying. Put your oxygen mask on first. Naturally, those in your household will be inspired by your progress and be inspired to change (I’ve seen it happen!)

“I’m afraid I will fail and won’t be able to maintain a tidy lifestyle.”

KonMari tidying is different than traditional professional organizing because it encourages flash focus and intensity for six months to reset and break the cycle of intermittent tidying, little-by-little. Therefore, after making such a intentional decision and working through each category (Clothing, Books, Paper, Miscellaneous, and Sentimental items) hands-on, your habits and perspective began to shift and a clutter rebound (the state where things without a designated storage space begin to inundate your home again) is highly unlikely.

What is holding you back from achieving your tidying dreams? Let’s chat.

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