COVID Medical Supply Checklist

February 15, 2022

When I was diagnosed, for the first time in a while I felt DISORGANIZED! I found it hard to keep up with all the things and recommendations from friends as I entered isolation scattered and unprepared.

Now that I’m well out of isolation, testing negative, and back to tidying virtually and in-home, I’m taking time to reflect on my healing journey and share tips that will help you stay safe as we continue to stop the spread.

NOTE: Before we move any further, I am a KonMari® Master Consultant. I am NOT a medical professional. All supplies and resources referenced below stem from my personal experience recovering from COVD-19 with mild symptoms (fever, congestion, cough, and fatigue). For context, I was in isolation alone (single + dog), so I only had to mind my own wellness. I also received the vaccine and booster prior to diagnosis.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, follow care instructions from your healthcare provider and local health department. The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak is an ongoing, rapidly developing situation. The information below is provided for general informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice.


To take preventive measures and precautions, I’ve kept these items well stocked:

  • Well-fitting masks
  • Hand soap and/or sanitizer
  • Household cleaning and disinfectant tools

Prior to traveling or attending large gatherings or working in homes I’ve found it very helpful to have the following readily available:

  • At-home COVID Test Kits for sequential testing before/during/after a gathering (free test kits available here)
Box of Self-Test COVID Kits and Supply
Storage: Marie Kondo’s KonMari® Hikidashi Boxes

After a Positive COVID Test Result (Isolation)

When I tested positive, my doctor’s advice was 1) isolate for 5-10 days 2) treat the symptoms and 3) do things that make you feel comfortable. Here are the supplies I found most useful during this phase:

  • Emergency Contact (notify them of your status)
  • Medical facility that administers PCR tests (if necessary/applicable)
  • Medical facility that administers a Monoclonal Antibodies Treatment (if necessary/applicable, FDA Emergency Use Authorization)
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Thermometer
  • Facial Tissues (and moisturizer)
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Blankets
  • Humidifier
  • Water
  • Teas
  • Groceries (soups & greens)
  • Sinus Nasal Rinse Kit
  • Immune boosters (drops, gummies, vitamins, supplements, etc.)
  • Cold and Flu Medication
  • Cough Suppressants or Drops
  • Allergy Medication
  • Over-the-counter Pain Relievers
Hat box of Box of COVID Medicine and Supply
Storage: Vintage Marc Jacobs Hat Box from Brown Elephant

If you need something to watch while you Netflix and heal, I highly recommend streaming these binge-worthy series:

Favorite Comfort Food: Twisted Egg Rolls (Black- and woman owned business). The Cheesesteak is my favorite flavor! Available for delivery (frozen) nationally or you can pick up a bag locally at Foxtrot here in Chicago.

Post-COVID Healing

While I am testing negative and easing back into my work and social schedule, I do have residual symptoms caused by respiratory inflammation. The goal is to manage them well to avoid progression to infection (bronchitis, sinus infection, etc.).

If your symptoms worsen or seem to linger for weeks after diagnosis, I recommend consulting your primary care physician immediately for next steps. You may be prescribed a:

  • Nasal Spray
  • Oral Inhaler
  • Corticosteroid
  • Cough Medication/Suppressant
  • Antibiotic

My doctor also recommends these breathing exercises to aid recovery.

Woman at laptop smiling organize responses from blog comments

I want to hear from you!

Let’s continue to build this list together! Tell me how you’ve stayed organized and prepared during the pandemic. Leave your comments and questions below or take The Tidy Pledge to get more KonMari® themed tips to help you declutter and organize your home and life. I promise I only send value (not clutter) twice monthly.

  1. Carrie says:

    This is so nice to have! So thoughtful and kind. I plan to put my kit together using this. Thank you!!

  2. Vicki B says:

    Dear Kristyn,
    So sorry to hear that the ‘Rona got you. It got me in Oct 2020. Not fun.
    One suggestion would be to move the pulse ox monitor to the top of the supplies to have on hand. Most families do not have one but they are essential in monitoring your status during Covid. Bonus tip; they are relatively inexpensive online (~$20) but local pharmacies charge several times more than that. Get one now; just in case!
    Dr Vicki

    • Kristyn Ivey says:

      Vicki – Yes, Yes and YAS! I will make that change. I purchased a pulse ox for my parents to keep in their home (like they would a thermometer) as a Christmas ’20 gift. When they both got COVID (delta) I had them send me their stats daily (in addition to my Facetime pestering 🙂 ).

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