Graduates of Tidy

Graduates of Tidy, masters of life.

Getting organized is a commitment which requires your time and dedication. For the Love of Tidy clients who put their homes in order using the KonMari Method™ category-by-category are recognized as Graduates of Tidy (GOTs) at the completion of their Tidying Journey.

Graduates of Tidy who have given us permission to share their KonMari story are regularly featured on Instagram, our blog, and Spark Joy podcast.

Tidying is a special one-time series of activities, an important life milestone, and a cause for celebration! Graduates of Tidy who have invested in a minimum of three KonMari Tidying Lessons receive:

  • Mindful gifts that spark joy, marking major clutter category milestones
  • A custom, surprise gift to mark the end of your tidying journey and the beginning of the next chapter of your life
  • Recognition via The Spark Joy Club (private Facebook community)
  • One complementary consultant-led, joy-filled tidying demonstration in your home during your next party or capstone event
  • On-going opportunities to share your life-changing magic and encourage others on the path to joy
  • Exclusive access to the Power Partners and referral bonuses

Lean on our Power Partners to complement your tidying experience.

For the big projects that are uncovered when you declutter, we trust these Power Partners to complement your KonMari tidying experience with passion and expertise. Graduates of Tidy are awarded exclusive access and offers when booking the following services:

Virtual Color Radiance Consultation (get your colors done!)

Post-tidy Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Service

Post-tidy Legacy Photo Organizing and Digitizing

The many ways investing in tidying services pays you back!