Virtual Joy Check

A live*, one-on-one tidying session held online (~2 hours).

All tools are KonMari Consultant tested and client approved.

An overview of KonMari fundamentals

Vision mapping to identify your ideal lifestyle and living environment

Tidying advice regarding any of the signature KonMari MethodTM categories
(Clothing, Books, Paper, Miscellaneous, and Sentimental items)

OR, tidying advice regarding common clutter challenges
(digital decluttering, downsizing, tidying with kids, etc.)

This check-in is perfect for:

The DIYer.

Are you committed to designating time to tidy independently but have questions about the process? A Virtual Joy Check gets you on track to make the most of your process.

The Cautious Consumer.

Let’s test out the method’s potential for you before you make a larger investment.

Life-changing investment: $149

*Access to a reliable internet connection and camera via your computer/phone is required.

Stop procrastinating, start tidying!


Tidy Tales of Success

It 's time to talk tidy!

Reserve time to chat about your unique clutter challenges.

Yes, finally!