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We’re curious…

  • Are you super successful, creative, and talented when it comes to your career, business, hobbies, or family, but secretly feel like a failure because you’re unable to maintain an organized home?
  • Do you view organizing as “this thing I have to do” rather than “a practice executed with ease that best supports my health and wellness?”
  • Have you purchased every storage container, label, and book related to organizing your home in an attempt to tidy up, only to see the clutter return time and time again with no signs of stopping?
  • Is your bookcase a graveyard for organization and self development information that was never put into action?
  • Have you chronically struggled with organization and feel like it’s the one thing that’s in the way of taking your life or business to the next level?
  • Do you avoid inviting people into your space or miss out on fun experiences because you have to stay home and take care of the house?
  • Do you feel like life is pulling you in so many directions that you have no time to dedicate to the daily maintenance that comes along making the choice own thousands of things?
  • Is clutter a regular source of conflict amongst the people you share your home with?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost sight of what “enough” means to you?
  • Do you have trouble letting go of things, even if they don’t serve a clear purpose or utility?
  • Have you hired a life coach, personal trainer, or nutritionist to teach you approaches to improve other areas of health and wellness?
  • Are feeling stuck, lost, or uninspired by a relationship, career path, or your circumstances and are looking for the clarity and vision required to help you make the best decision moving forward?



Enough is enough. Let’s navigate life together.

If you’re feeling like you’re the only one struggling to stay organized, let us reassure you, you’re not alone. Everyone has clutter somewhere in their life and the practice of tidying up is not something we were taught in middle school. In fact 10 million people purchased Marie Kondo’s bestseller “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” since the KonMari Method™ made its debut in 2014.

So, what is keeping the KonMari curious from living a clutter free life of joy?

In the spirit of simplicity – it’s the ability to step over fear to TAKE ACTION.

That’s why when you make the choice to invest in For the Love of Tidy services and invite the KonMari experience into your home, your web cam, or your mailbox you’re daring to do things differently. You’re letting go of unconventional wisdom for the short-term to get a little uncomfortable so you can embrace self-awareness and grow towards true abundance and lasting change, long-term.

For the Love of Tidy founder, Kristyn Ivey, is Chicago’s first certified KonMari Consultant. Kristyn is a professional organizer who is dedicated to teaching busy families, professionals, and creative entrepreneurs how to let go of “stuff” to attract a truly abundant life. With over 600 hours of active tidying experience, For the Love of Tidy was featured on ABC7 Chicago and co-hosts the weekly podcast, Spark Joy, celebrating the transformative power of surrounding yourself with joy.

Educated in both engineering and interior design, Kristyn applies project management and creativity in harmony with the KonMari Method to transform homes through order and in style. Dedicated to the KonMari mission to inspire the world to choose joy, Kristyn helps clients declutter their way to becoming Graduates of Tidy and masters of life.


“You have the choice to design your home and your life to be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.”

– Kristyn Ivey (founder)

For the Love of Tidy is Chicago’s first professional organizing consultancy specializing in the KonMari Method™ of tidying up. We help  our clients put their home, mind, and life in order once and for all through this revolutionary technique, based on the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing made popular by Marie Kondo’s bestselling book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up. The method focuses on what you choose to keep (does it “spark joy?”), rather than what or how much you discard, donate, or sell.

For the Love of Tidy provides in-home KonMari Tidying Lessons and virtual Joy Checks to those committed to changing their life by tackling clutter comprehensively. Viewed as a permanent solution to creating and maintaining a clutter free living environment, tidying lessons that address clothing, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous), and sentimental items make up a special, one-time Tidying Series, executed over a six month period. Decluttering by category, rather than room, through a lens of joy leaves clients feeling empowered to live their lives efficiently, moving in the direction of their true passion, purpose, and joy. Magic!


Dare to shift your understanding of what it means to be organized in this world.

Respect, gratitude, joy…and love.

The KonMari Method™ is a revolutionary professional organizing technique, made popular by Marie Kondo’s bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. A combination of her first and last name, the method focuses on what you choose to keep (does it “spark joy?”), rather than what or how much you discard, donate, or sell.

Based on fundamental principles of respect, gratitude and joy, the unconventional organization process is rooted in Japanese values:

  • Greeting your home to express tidying related intentions while being mindful and present
  • Organizing comprehensively by category rather than room
  • Putting your past in order while honoring the things that support the person you’re becoming
  • Handling objects with respect throughout their life cycle and sending them off with a “thank you”
  • Storing clothing using the signature KonMari Fold and objects vertically, on edge to relieve tension
  • Surrounding yourself with only items that “spark joy” to prevent clutter rebound once and for all

Deemed “the most organized woman in the world,” Kondo shares, “when you use joy as your standard, you confront each of your things earnestly, and reflect on whether they make you happy in the present. Consequently, you will begin to realize what kinds of things you want to surround yourself with and what your idea of happiness really is.” With over six million copies sold worldwide in over 40 languages and a six month waiting list for her services, Marie Kondo is organizing the world with the help of certified KonMari tidying consultants across Japan and, more recently, the U.S.

Once your home is in order, the real transformation begins. No longer concerned with the external conditions, you shift your focus to other areas of your life in need of joy (career, health, finances, relationships, hobbies, spirituality, and community). The approach helps you see life through a lens of joy as you proactively move towards your true passion, purpose, and happiness.

“Vivacious presenter, pertinent topic.”

“The presenter was excellent, well-informed and engaging, she answered the audience’s questions with good humor and insight.”

“Kristyn spoke from experience, put her heart and soul into wonderful presentation.”

Contact us to book a tidying workshop for your small business, corporation, or community organization.

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