The Best Gift Ever…and it’s FREE

February 2, 2017 | KonMari Tidy Tips

“Whooooa…that was amazing…the most valuable lesson I’ve ever had…I wasn’t ready…I felt like I was flying!”

That was my client’s husband’s reaction after receiving a surprise gift from her over the holidays. He was somewhere between glee, enlightenment, and pure joy.

What in the world could be that exciting?

I was dying to know what I just witnessed. As we put the final touches on her bookshelf, she shared a recent revelation:

“After 10 years, three beautiful children, and two busy lives, I stood in my power space and thought – just like I needed time to clear my space, prioritize, and quiet the clutter of my closet, he needs time too. Then, as if it fell off the shelf, it divinely came to me…gift him with relationships. We spend a lot of time in our work space, home life, and managing the harmony between both, however, we rarely invest in our time with others.”

What she continued to describe was one of the best, mindful gift ideas I’ve heard in a very long time. It’s a gift perfect for loved ones who have everything or are hard to please. Here’s how she did it:

She reached out to three influential men in her husband’s life that he greatly admired, but lost touch with or rarely had time to see.

She shared, “women build relationships differently than men. As a woman, I could never match the gifts these men offer individually or collectively.” The three men represented her husband’s past, present, and future:

  • A Family Member (past) – She included someone who knew her husband since childhood. She reflected, “meeting with his Godfather spoke to the journey life magically unfolds. While it can appear unique, our elders have sage advice that can assist in making the journey easier.”
  • A Friend (present) – She chose a close friend who her husband admires, often speaking of his intellect, wisdom, and good fashion sense. “My husband’s aura always shifted when he spoke of this friend, as though his life depicted art.”
  • A Mentor (future) – She chose a humble, magnetic gentleman and colleague that her husband looked up to spiritually and intellectually as a role model for success. “He was very kind and gracious to break-bread with my husband without question.”

Once the men agreed to participate, my client let each of them know that this meeting would be a surprise lunch to honor the relationship they share.

She took care of all of the arrangements and scheduling. All her husband had to do was show up! Each meeting was an experience he’d never forget and all the lessons learned and time shared were deposits into their family’s future. “Life moves fast. People come and people go. You don’t realize how much value your friends add to your life and how much you miss them when things get busy,” my client shared as she reflected on the day. “I couldn’t replicate the experience or the joy my husband felt, as these relationships were magical, life-changing, and put the focus on what he truly needed – more time with those who matter.”

    Give the gift of time and experiences as we continue to make room for what matters in our lives! Share your gift ideas and subscribe here to receive more tidy tips for your home, mind, and life.

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