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N’DIGO | On Q With Tidy Upper Expert Kristyn Ivey | October 20, 2017


N’DIGO | On Q With Tidy Upper Expert Kristyn Ivey | October 20, 2017


“When I first caught the KonMari bug, my dad took all of the clothes out of the dryer and plopped them on the kitchen counter to practice the folding technique. When he used the phrase “crotch side up” to remember which direction to fold my mom’s underwear, we laughed so hard; “joy” doesn’t even do that moment justice.”

“…Tidying up the KonMari way is a commitment and should be viewed as a special, one-time clutter confronting event that shocks you into lasting change. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it! Similar to a diet, workout, or finance program, you get out what you put in. Therefore, you have to clear your schedule of any clutter first to prioritize what’s essential.”

“Once your home is in order, the real transformation begins. No longer concerned with the external conditions, you shift the focus to other areas of your life in need of joy (career, health, finances, relationships, hobbies, spirituality, community). The approach helps you see life through a lens of joy while you live more efficiently, and confidently move towards your true passion, purpose, and happiness.”

KonMari App | One Family’s Five Day Tidying Marathon | April 22, 2017

“Taking the KonMari instructions to ‘tidy all at once’ quite literally, Boston parents of three committed to five consecutive days (25 hours) of tidying lessons over their February vacation. The key to getting this family to the finish line was their investment in learning to tidy the KonMari way, which made the most impact over a short period of time. The tidying process is not a sprint – it’s a marathon. So, pace yourself!”

KonMari Media | Meet KonMari Consultant Kristyn Ivey – Newsletter | April 22, 2017

“…Freeing myself from the unnecessary brought other areas of my life into focus beyond my physical apartment. Post-KonMari, life simply got lighter, efficient, and intentional. Now that I’ve comprehensively tidied my home once and for all, I’m not worried about my surroundings. When I shifted the focus to myself, I significantly improved my buying habits, pruned relationships that no longer positively supported my life, and put self-care and health first with fierce passion and joy…”

“Give spring cleaning a three-to-five-hour block of time on your calendar to elevate its importance and show yourself that the task is a priority, says Kristyn Ivey, a KonMari tidying consultant.”

Vocational Village | Seven Nonfiction Books That Changed Lives | February 28, 2017

“I’ve always had a love for order and tidiness. Growing up, whenever I felt, anxious, vulnerable or overwhelmed, I would pick up or purge my things to clear my mind. This seemingly mindless activity came naturally to me as a way to reboot when life would inevitably get messy. This habit turned into showing my friends how to purge half of the stuff in their apartments during summer breaks. Doing this never felt like work. With glee, I would help those I care about find calm in order, even though it was often a temporary fix…”

“With only the things that spark joy coming with me to Chicago, I was free from the typical concerns associated with a move,” said Kristyn. “I made better decisions when managing my possessions and the direction of my life…”

“I love to help people declutter their homes and change their life through the KonMari organization method. I am formally launching my business January 2, 2017 with a lot of preparation in between. I’m almost finished with the process to become the first certified KonMari tidying consultant, serving the city of Chicago! I’m super motivated and excited to be doing something that matters and loving what I do every day. I thrive off of client engagement and I’m so proud of their progress.”

KonMari Media | Organize the World [VIDEO] | November 25, 2016