The KonMari MethodTM

What is the KonMari MethodTM?

The KonMari MethodTM is a revolutionary professional organizing technique, made popular by Marie Kondo’s bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The KonMari MethodTM celebrates what you choose to keep, rather than focusing on what or how much you decide to discard, donate, or sell.
Check out this summary or watch the KonMari 101 live presentation with Kristyn.

How does the KonMari MethodTM differ from traditional professional organizing techniques?

Examples of how signature KonMari techniques differ from conventional professional organizing strategies are available here.

What does “spark joy” mean?

The dictionary defines joy as “the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires.” Joy manifests in different ways for different people, and finding what sparks is an intuitive exercise. During the tidying process, the feeling can be described as the visceral response a person has upon engaging an item they really love. Check out this deeper exploration of the signature KonMari question, “does it spark joy?”

How will I know if I’m ready to commit to tidying my home, mind, and life once and for all?

When the pain of where you are exceeds the discomfort you may experience while decluttering, you’re ready to make a commitment to putting things in order. And, because tidying requires time and dedication, you know you’re ready if you’re able to dedicate 15-30 hours to choosing joy. Check out the true cost of delaying your Tidying Journey.

What are some of the benefits I can expect while tidying my home the KonMari way?

Tidying is not just about managing stuff. It positively impacts every aspect of your life (your finances, relationships, career, spirituality, health, hobbies, community, etc.). Check out the KonMari Wheel of Impact. Benefits include an improved self-image, more time to entertain and spend with those who matter, and an enhanced understanding of your values and belief system.

I’m experiencing a life transition and/or preparing for a major milestone. How can tidying my home help me reach peak success?

Just got engaged or married? Selling a home? House hunting or relocating? Launching a new business idea? Retiring?

Putting your home in order is the first step to managing the ups and downs of life. For the Love of Tidy specializes in helping clients navigate transitions by letting go — and attracting an outcome that reflects their ideal life.

I’m a messy person by nature. Can this method work for me?

Anyone can benefit from applying the KonMari MethodTM to their home. Even those who consider themselves hopelessly messy, lazy, busy, or chronically disorganized can learn to tidy and clean properly. The method is structured in a way that offers a permanent solution for changing habitual and/or learned behaviors. After completing the entire journey, interacting with every item in your home, and being surrounded with joy, it is highly unlikely that you’ll return to a state of inundation ever again.

I’m terrible at letting things go. Are you sure this process can help me?

Yes! The KonMari MethodTM gives you the permission to keep whatever you want to, as long as it sparks joy and aligns with the person you’re becoming. Its emphasis on gratitude and respect allows you to mindfully and respectfully let go of things that have served their purpose with intention.

Does the KonMari MethodTM only work for minimalists?

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice that centers around a reassessment of your priorities in order to strip away excess stuff (possessions, ideas, relationships, activities, etc.). The goal is to bring value to your life. These values are in alignment with KonMari principles. However, you don’t have to have the goal of living a minimalist lifestyle to benefit from decluttering your space. For more on the difference between KonMari and minimalism, click here.

Will the KonMari MethodTM work for me if I’ve been diagnosed with a compulsive hoarding disorder?

Compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to acquire and keep things, even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. If you suspect you or a loved one may be suffering from hoarding, contact us prior to committing to a KonMari Tidying Lesson to ensure proper support is in place. Here are additional resources that can help you determine if you or your loved one may be extremely chronically disorganized.

KonMari Consultants

What are the benefits of working with a KonMari Tidying Consultant vs. tidying up on my own?

Consultants spread joy and work toward the larger KonMari mission: to inspire the world to choose joy. Similar to personal trainers, consultants provide accountability and encouragement when you feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to begin. To support your process, For the Love of Tidy provides custom tools such as The Tidy Home Joy Journal  and in-depth guidance to answer any tidying questions you may have along the way. They’re also trained to identify creative opportunities to repurpose storage solutions and offer home styling support post-tidy. If you’re on the fence about hiring a consultant check out this in-depth overview to help you decide.

How can I become a KonMari Tidying Consultant?

The KonMari Consultant certification process covers the KonMari MethodTM philosophy, skills, and techniques needed to conduct private sessions. Prospective consultants must successfully complete the following steps: 1) verify that their home is tidy; 2) participate in an in-person, two-day KonMari Consultant Seminar; 3) join a network of other consultants in training; 4) complete practice sessions reviewed by KonMari Media, Inc.; 5) complete and pass an online assessment; and 6) apply for certification.

For a comprehensive overview of the KonMari Consultant certification process, click here. If you’ve already completed a KonMari Consultant training seminar, consider joining the Tidy Mastermind community to help you grow and organize your business.

How can I work for For the Love of Tidy. Are there positions available?

Currently, For the Love of Tidy doesn’t have any job opportunities available, but we’d love to chat with you about your interest in KonMari in case future opportunities open up. Please contact us here.

Tidying Lessons & Programs

How do I schedule a KonMari Tidying Lesson?

To get tidy now, book a KonMari Tidying Lesson here.

How many lessons are required to get my entire home in order?

Tidying times vary. On average, you’ll need 3-6 tidying lessons (~5 hours each) to complete ALL five categories of tidying activity. Each KonMari experience is customized and scoped based on three factors: 1) square footage, 2) volume of clutter, 3) pace of decision-making. The more effort applied to “Home Work” assignments, the fewer Lessons required to complete your Tidying Journey.

Five hours seems like a long time. Can I shorten my lesson?

Tidying is a special, one-time series of activities meant to be executed quickly. Therefore, it is highly recommended that all Lessons are completed within 90 days or up to 6 months from the date of Lesson 1 to achieve an optimal state of order. To avoid tidying a little bit here and a little bit there, it’s important to prioritize large chunks of time to the process whenever possible for the best impact. Each lesson requires a minimum of three hours to yield impactful results. Five hours is the maximum amount of time you should dedicate to tidying per day/Lesson to avoid burning out. You’ll be amazed at how fast that time flies!

What should I expect during an In-home KonMari Tidying Lesson?

A comprehensive A-Z walk-through of a KonMari Tidying Lesson is available here.

How should I prepare for my KonMari Tidying Lesson?

You can find tips to ensure your first lesson sparks an incredible amount of joy here.

What tools will For the Love of Tidy provide to keep me moving through the process?

Once you commit to an In-home KonMari Tidying Lesson, you will receive a copy of The Tidy Home Joy Journal  to hold your thoughts, actions, and progress throughout this life-changing transformation. As you work through the KonMari MethodTM category-by-category, you can document your path to joy in words and visuals. Keeping this journal will allow you to gain better insight about yourself, which can help you set goals, solve issues, or address emotional concerns. Your Joy Journal will keep you on task, headed toward your personal goals, and inspired toward creativity. Record your memories and milestones for future reference!

I haven’t read Marie Kondo’s bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Am I required to read the book prior to my first lesson?

Many “Kon-verts” ask if they need to finish Marie Kondo’s books (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up) prior to their first KonMari Tidying Lesson. This is not a requirement. While having a general understanding of the KonMari MethodTM is useful, our in-home Lessons will cover the book and beyond.

What is the difference between tidying and cleaning?

The words tidying and cleaning are often considered synonymous, but they are two completely different actions. Tidying addresses objects, while cleaning addresses dirt. Both are aimed at making a room look clean, but tidying means moving objects and putting them away, while cleaning requires wiping and sweeping away dirt.

*Please note, professional cleaning services are outside the scope of For the Love of Tidy’s services. Please refer to our referral partner network  for a verified cleaning service.

Do I have to be active and engaged during the organization process or will my tidying consultant do all of the work for me?

Your active engagement is the key to your success. It is also a way to reclaim ownership and responsibility for the belongings you’ve acquired. Tidying is a hands-on process that requires physically touching each item in the client’s home. During a 5-hour KonMari Tidying Lesson, the client and the KonMari Consultant will pile, sort, and store items to determine what “sparks joy,” taking breaks as needed. Please be aware that this requires some physical exertion and stamina.

I just want to organize one room in my home. Why does the KonMari Method require tidying by category?

Organizing by room does not give you the opportunity to grasp the volume and scope of things that you actually own and make decisions based on a collection of like-items. Tidying by room also results in shuffling or scattering items in the same category around your home, further diffusing the process’s impact and your ability to maintain lasting change. Additional information on how signature aspects of the KonMari MethodTM differ from traditional professional organizing methods are available here.

Why do we start with clothes?

The degree of difficulty around what you keep and discard varies based on the category, and the process sharpens your intuitive senses. To hone your sensitivity to joy without derailing progress, it is important to begin by processing clothes. Why? Because, in general, their rarity and value are low. Clothes also innately reflect your character, personality, and the person you’re becoming. They’re the only items that regularly leave your home and support your public life. In addition, clothes are close to your body, thus requiring special attention and consideration. Not to mention, starting with clothes first often eliminates the need to purchase unnecessary storage solutions.

Why do we have to displace everything from its current location? Won’t that get messy?

It’s only natural for a room to get messy at some point while actively moving through your Tidying Journey. This is a necessary part of the process. This stage is temporary and is resolved as you complete each Lesson.

Will my KonMari Tidying Consultant force me to get rid of most of the items in my home?

The beauty of the KonMari MethodTM is that it gives you the permission to make decisions and restore harmony between you, your possessions, and the boundaries your home presents you. You make the final call based on what sparks joy.

Am I responsible for discarding, donating, or selling items I’ve determined do not spark joy?

Tidying naturally yields items that require proper disposal. This includes transferring them to a donation facility, making pick-up arrangements, recycling, or selling. While For the Love of Tidy will provide a list of suggested resources , you’re ultimately responsible for ensuring items that don’t “spark joy” are permanently removed from the home. It’s also important to set aside fragile or particularly valuable items to avoid mishandling or accidental disposal.

Will For the Love of Tidy provide me with organizational and storage supplies?

Practicing the KonMari MethodTM often results in a reduction of the volume of items in your space, which frees up existing bins, boxes, and storage systems you already own. We’ll work with you to identify other décor or objects in your home to creatively re-purpose in your space. We’ve also selected mindful storage solutions that spark the most joy and complement KonMari-style tidying.


I share my home with my friend/spouse/children/parents. How can I encourage them to commitment to a tidy lifestyle?

As you’ll soon notice — tidying is contagious! Naturally, those in your household will be inspired by your progress and have a change of heart regarding their potential to tidy. Yet, it is important to note that you can’t force a person to tidy if the desire is not there. In the meantime, accept that the person’s values differ from yours and accept them unconditionally! Remember that this is an exercise in self-care, self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-love. Therefore, tidying items that you have ownership of should be your number-one priority.

I have kids who are untidy. Does this method work for busy parents?

Yes! Parents can be tidy too! It’s all about taking care of yourself first and leading by example, rather than forcing your kids to tidy. Tips on how to KonMari with kids can be found here.

I know someone who could use your services. Should I refer them or gift them with a lesson?

Tidying is an extremely personal process and is best executed in a situation where the client is ready to make the change. Therefore, approach gifts with caution and contact us if you have questions.

Tidy Maintenance

I’ve completed the entire Tidying Journey. What’s next?

The possibilities are endless! When you’re not concerned about your living environment, you begin to improve your habits, prune relationships that no longer positively support your life, and put other areas into focus — such as health or finances. Check out the maintenance aspect of the KonMari lifestyle here.

What is a Graduate of Tidy?

Tidying is a commitment which requires your time and dedication. Clients who put their homes in order category-by-category by using the KonMari MethodTM over a 3 to 6-month period are recognized as Graduates of Tidy (GOTs) upon the completion of their Tidying Journey.
Tidying is a special, one-time series, and an important life milestone. It’s a cause for celebration! Graduates of Tidy receive:

  • Recognition via the For the Love of Tidy network and private Facebook community
  • A professional, joy-filled home photo shoot
  • A custom mindful graduation gift
  • One consultant-led, joy-filled tidying demonstration in your
    home during your next party or capstone event
  • Ongoing opportunities to share your life-changing magic and
    encourage others on the path to joy

Will I be able to maintain a tidy lifestyle after I’ve completed my Tidying Journey? Guaranteed?

While the KonMari MethodTM is truly a magical event, it can’t fix everything! While it’s highly unlikely, rebounding (the state where things without a designated storage space begin to inundate your home again) may occur. After you’ve completed your Tidying Journey, For the Love of Tidy cannot guarantee that you won’t experience a rebound.

If you’re not satisfied with the services after the completion of an In-home KonMari Tidying Lesson or the entire Tidying Journey, please contact For the Love of Tidy within 30 days. We will be happy to address outstanding concerns free of charge, either on the phone or in-person until all promised goals are achieved.

Now that I’m surrounded by only things that spark joy, I would like to update my home décor. Does For the Love of Tidy offer design services?

Founder and KonMari Consultant Kristyn Ivey holds a Masters in Interior Design in addition to professional organization training. Therefore, For the Love of Tidy offers home-styling consultations to further refine the client’s vision for their home and ideal lifestyle. Decorating services are offered at an hourly rate and include cosmetic design recommendations. Interior design requiring a third-party contractor or extensive structural home renovation exceeds the scope of decorating services at this time. Contact us if you are interested, as those services will require a separate agreement.

Other Ways to Connect

How can I partner with For the Love of Tidy or book them for an upcoming event?

Whether it’s a casual gathering at home or a large public speaking opportunity, For the Love of Tidy loves to spread the joy of tidying whenever and wherever we can. We look forward to partnering with individuals and organizations that share similar values and goals. We’re happy to provide interactive workshops, demonstrations, and advice tailored to your audience’s needs. Fees vary based on event scope and opportunity. Please contact us with your ideas and interest.

Can For the Love of Tidy organize my retail space or small business?

Yes! For the Love of Tidy designs customized tidy plans for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and commercial retailers. Contact us to discuss your tidying interests.

I don’t live in Chicago, but I’m interested in working with For the Love of Tidy. Can I still sign up for a lesson?

For the Love of Tidy currently conducts in-home KonMari Tidying Lessons primarily in the city of Chicago and adjacent suburbs. Travel beyond Chicago city limits may be subject to a flat administrative fee per in-home visit. Additional fees associated with traveling and conducting business outside of the state of Illinois will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and subject to availability.

A Virtual Joy Check may also be an option for non-local clients to start your Tidying Journey. You can also join For the Love of Tidy’s KonMari community by purchasing The Tidy Home Joy Journal [LINK to Joy Journal Page] and listening to Spark Joy podcast. [LINK to podcast]