A Goal Setting Strategy That Sticks

January 5, 2017 | KonMari Tidy Tips

We are five days into the new year. How’s everything going? Whether you are focusing on your relationships, health, finances, or home you are moving towards your ideal lifestyle and the person you are becoming. There is a reason why KonMari clients build a vision of their ideal lifestyle and living environment before making decisions about any of the items in their home.

Your goals are your priorities in motion and achieving them sparks joy.

So if that’s the case, why is it so difficult to stick with them? Like an utility item in your home, the form of the goal may not be pleasing, but the output or outcome sparks joy. Getting up before sunrise to workout may not bring you joy, but fitting into your favorite pair of goal-size jeans does! So, how do you make a plan with goals that stick? It’s all about the power of visualization. Train your mind to think you’ve already achieved your goals through the the power of imagery. Here are five steps to creating a goal strategy and vision board that sticks:

1. Acknowledge past accomplishments and mistakes and let go. We often get so lost in the business of living life that we lose sense of how we are progressing and forget to take a moment to celebrate. It’s as simple as asking yourself the following three questions, featured in Marie TV:

2. See your life today. Now that you’ve put your past year in order, it’s time to acknowledge all of the areas of your life today. Examples include:

Circle the ones that are the most important. These are the ingredients for the life you want that reflect the person you are becoming.

Draw a circle. This is your life pie. Divide your pie into slices based on the ingredients you chose from the list above. Big slices mean they’re super important to you. Small slices are less important. Based on how you feel about it, mark each slice of the circle with a:

For example, when Oprah completed this vision technique her pie slice for “Financial Situation” was very small because it’s not her life’s purpose to make money. However, she had many smiley faces next to this slice because she is doing quite well in that category! Her pie slice for “Spirituality” and “World Contribution” were much larger in comparison. Here is an illustrative example:

3. Focus on short-term, long-term, and a game changers. Where do you you see yourself in three months? one year? three years? Organize your goals first by life ingredient, then by time frame. Make sure they are S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound). Think about one goal that would have the most positive impact on your life right now. Create the necessary steps you must take to get to that goal. Here is an example layout by Passion Planner:

4. Simplify your goals to one single word. Now it’s time to roll it all up! What one word sparks the most joy and summarizes your highest level priorities? As suggested by Jon Gordon look in, look up and look out to find a word to focus on to help you be your best in 2017. This one word vision/purpose will become your driver for the year.

5. Visualize your inspiration. This is where things get crafty. Pinterest boards, magazine clippings, photos of you or your family in a joyful moment in life, favorite memes on your camera roll…collect and layout your inspirational clippings underneath your keyword. Hang your vision board prominently and proudly. Not sure when it’s time for a vision refresh? Remember, a vision board is ineffective the day you stop “noticing” it.

Now that you have the tools, time to put them in motion! If you can see it you can create it, reinforce it, and keep it alive! Subscribe here to receive more tidy tips for your home, mind, and life.


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Erin Byrne
Erin Byrne
8 months ago

This is great, very helpful! I think anyone could benefit greatly from taking the time to do this. Thank you!

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