A Father Who Folds Leaves a Legacy of Joy

Now, I’m proud to call my dad my client. He completed the KonMari clothing category and continues to refine what “spark joy” means to him. The best part is when he shares stories related to why he’s keeping the items he holds dear, I get to know a bit more about him and our family history.

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Five Signs You’ve Entered a KonMari Home

There is something special about a home that’s recently gone through a KonMari transformation. The home and its occupants seem to breathe a little easier. Post-tidy, home decor and interior design projects are often uncovered and addressed with a new sense of urgency and style to upgrade the joy. Be inspired by the transformative properties of decluttering as we explore five characteristics of a tidy home.

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A Boston Family’s Five Day KonMari Marathon

By taking the KonMari instructions to “tidy all at once” quite literally, Boston parents of two boys (ages 2 and 10) and one girl (age 8) committed to five consecutive days (25 hours) of tidying lessons over their February vacation. What was the key to getting this family to the finish line? They invested in themselves by learning to tidy the KonMari way to make the most impact in a short period of time.

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The Power of the Pile: Where are they now?

On September 15, 2016, For the Love of Tidy kicked off The Power of the Pile showcasing client tidying progress and #lifechangingmagic on Instagram through December 2016. After countless hours of organizing, decision making, and storing later, they are feeling the impact. Let’s see where these KonMari tidying rock stars are now, six months later.

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Three Reasons Why You Must Tidy Before You Spring Clean

Spring is the season for renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings. It is common to participate in the tradition of spring cleaning in March, but what about tidying? First, it’s important to understand the difference between the two activities. Tidying addresses objects while cleaning addresses dirt. Both actions are aimed at making a room look clean, but tidying requires moving objects and putting them away while cleaning requires wiping and sweeping away dirt. By tidying, you confront yourself. By cleaning, you confront nature. So let’s explore why it’s important to tidy first before diving into a deep spring clean.

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KonMari for Kids: Tidying tips that are kid-tested, mother-approved

Boston parents of two boys (ages 2 and 10) and one girl (age 8) committed to five consecutive days of tidying over their February vacation. With three full-time jobs between them including a budding start-up, the parents reached a point where the clutter in their home stalled their ability to efficiently run their household and lives. With little ones at our feet, this five day tidying marathon kicked off and then, something somewhat unexpected occurred…the children became involved almost immediately and turned into KonMari Kids overnight! Here are five tidy tips that are kid tested and mother approved based on one family’s experience.

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The KonMari Wheel of Impact

Benefits associated with tidying up the KonMari way extend well beyond reducing the amount of time it takes for you to get out the door in the morning or the amount of clutter you stumble over on a daily basis. If we dig a bit deeper, there is a reason the KonMari Method™ is cloaked in “life-changing magic.” The action of tidying your home impacts every aspect of your life and how you prioritize your time and energy. Once you’ve handled the external clutter, the process often uncovers other areas of your life, emotions or bad habits that need your time and attention. So the next time you view tidying as an “I’ll get to it some day,” non-mission critical activity, consider the following benefits of a tidy home.

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